Here at Copperhead Kennels we have chosen our females to make sure they pass on the great genetics to their offspring. We look at all areas of the German Shorthair breed to make sure they produce the best gundog/family member. We look at all titled dogs, just as we do with our Studs, to bring in to our breeding program. By looking at all the areas of titled dogs we hope to produce versatile pups. All of our breeding females are our #1 dogs to guide with from the middle of September to the end of January. Our females have NO more than 3 litters in their lifetime and NO litters after the age of 7. We here at Copperhead Kennels DON"T believe in brood females.

Packman's Bar Tending Bailey (6-16-03) JH. Solid liver. Bailey is retired from having puppies and the guiding life. She thinks she can still do it so she does get to go on the short hunts and she CAN still do it. She is a girl that owes us nothing. She has earned the right to live out the rest of her life with us here at Copperhead Kennels.

Mckerdoodles Magical Pistol Casey (3-26-06) JH Casey is a black roan female that is retired from having puppies but still one of our top 3 avid guide dogs in Kansas and Oklahoma. We raised Casey from birth. Her mom is Bailey. Casey has had 2 litter of pups that turned out as the most mellow hunting/family dogs just like her. She is very willing to please and never wants to make a mistake. Casey is a full litter mate to Packman's Shell Shocked Shy to whom we lost December 20th 2014.

Packman's Top Gunnin' Jetta (6-12-10) JH NA PZ II 106. Jetta is Liver/white patched/ticked. Jetta is the most affectionate female. She is all lovey until you get her to the field and then its all "game on." She is a dog that is all about birds. She is a natural at it all. She LOVES the water. We have recently sold Jetta to a close friend of ours but she will still be in our breeding program. OFA rating is excellent and elbows are normal.

Odyssey's Sharp Shooter Journey (2-22-13) JH. Journey is a Black/white patched ticked. Natural retriever on land or water. Smaller female but covers a lot of ground. Journey is so willing to please that we have done some shed training with her, now to get her out and find some.

Packman's Odyssey Juke N Jive (4-17-13) JH. Juke is white/liver patched. We waited 3 years for this breeding. This little female is quick on her feet and a true competitor, forward running and a WAY above average nose. She has guided numerous hunts and retrieved hundreds of birds.

Copperhead's Shotgun Ryder (8-7-14) Ryder is liver roan patched/ticked. Ryder is just a pup and will start her hunt test days this fall (2015). We have started her on birds and this little girl is very smart with TONS of bird drive.

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